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What is Universalis?

The site allows you to view in-game market for multiple servers at anytime, anywhere. It uses crowd-sourced data from multiple sources to provide the most up-to-date prices possible.

What information can I get?

All market information is available: Prices, Materia, Retainer, Crafters and even Buyers. Everything that you see in-game is available. Additional data-views have been added such as graphs, extended history and cross-world summary is also included.

Can I have access to the data?


Everything you see on Universalis is open for anyone to use, to learn more about how to access the data using a REST API Service, check out the Universalis documentation.

Special thanks

We would like to thank Vekien and Miu from XIVAPI for their initial work on mogboard, which made this site, in its current state, possible.

So, how does it actually work? Get Technical.

Universalis runs a REST API that applications can post market board data to, after they collect the data from a running game instance by multiple users, anonymously.

It stores this data, and reports it back to anyone that requests its endpoints - including this frontend, which visualizes the stored data and notifies you about changes.



Database API, server maintenance


Game stuff, stealing mogboard

Also thanks to: Vekien, Miu, Mino and all of our uploaders!

Game data sourced from XIVAPI and FFCafe

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